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Where breaking paradigms, thinking differently and having a new way to educate and inspire our kids is the NEW norm.

I’m Marina Kuperman Villatoro, founder of Raising Biz Kidz. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over two decades. And, like many entrepreneurs, it has taken me years and thousands of dollars to learn (and unlearn) skills and reprogram my mindset that is needed to succeed in business and life.

Entrepreneurial Mom’s Frustrations

As a mom of two boys (7 and 13 years old) I want them to be educated with the right set of tools from the start, rather than go thru all the relearning and time loss I had to do.

When I started to inquire about different workshops, conferences and activities to do with kids, I came up with almost nothing.

Not to mention that the school systems nor online programs don’t offer these critical life skills to our kids.

Only a selected few private schools scattered around the Silicon Valley, whose parents are mainly entrepreneurs, realize the absolute magnitude for our kids to get these lessons and training early on.

It doesn’t have to be only for the privileged at high prices.

Mama entrepreneur educating kids how to be entrepreneurs

Finding the Solution for Our Kids’ Future

Let’s face it, our kids will not be able to succeed in the modern, entrepreneurial economy without having the right tools to get them there.

Out of my own frustrations that my own kids aren’t getting this education in school, I started the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program at my oldest son’s middle school – Antigua Green School.

Working closely with the director, who is an entrepreneur himself and a visionary, he is completely supporting this revolutionary subject where most of the classes are actually outside of the classroom.

Entrepreneurship for Kids Class visiting one of the top advertising agencies in Guatemala

Let’s get real, in life very little happens in a classroom or any sort of room. All the true magic, action, creation and business happens outside either networking, creating, exploring, etc…

Seeing the kids come alive with ideas, meeting and working with entrepreneurs who are already doing it and learning from them has shown me that this is absolutely crucial for our kids to evolution whatever path they decide to take.

Raising Kdipreneurs starts with taking them outside of the class to work with real life mentors who are succeeding in different fields.

And it’s done best as a village of parents, experts and kids.

Raising Biz Kidz Mission

Our mission is for you to learn with your kids these skills and tools together to work together.

Kids have amazing, incredible ideas and most of the time we don’t move forward with them because we, the parents, simply don’t know where to begin and feel we can’t help because of that.

That’s where I want to change that. The courses and tutorials are for both parents and kids to learn together and implement.

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